Women Leaders Promoting Peace and Security

Int'l Visitors Leadership Program

From October 26th to the 31st, the World Affairs Council of St. Louis had the opportunity to host seven international visitors from various countries in Latin America. These visitors were all women leaders in their respective countries and visited St. Louis to learn more about how our city addresses issues involving gender-based violence, community conflict, and the education of future women leaders in our community. The group was able to meet with representatives from the following organizations: Urban League of St. Louis, Community Conflict Services, Legal Advocates for Abused Women, Office of Neighborhood Stabilization, Marian Middle School and the St. Louis County Circuit Court. The visitors were also able to attend a jazz performance during their time in St. Louis. We would like to thank our local resources for meeting with our visitors and wish them well as they begin the next leg of their program in Salt Lake City.

World Affairs STL 2019 Women Leaders IVLP