IVLP Alumni in the Classroom

A United States Department of State Initiative

What is IVLP Alumni in the Classroom

IVLP Alumni in the Classroom (IVLPAITC) is a virtual initiative that
connects alumni of the International Visitor Leadership Program
(IVLP) with classrooms across the United States to discuss key
U.S. foreign policy priorities. Launched in the summer of 2021, the
initiative offers students from middle school through university level
an opportunity to explore global challenges with international leaders
while developing leadership and communication skills. In 2022,
IVLPAITC reached approximately 215 students in 8 communities
across the United States, engaging 14 IVLP alumni representing
11 countries

The IVLP Alumni in the Classroom initiative is managed by the
Office of International Visitors at the U.S. Department of State and
implemented in cooperation with Global Ties U.S. community-based
members (CBMs). CBMs submit requests to the Office of International
Visitors to coordinate virtual sessions with IVLP Alumni. Requests are
accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.
The Office of International Visitors maintains a roster of participating
IVLP alumni, determines the appropriate match, and coordinates all
programming details with CBMs

Introducing IVLP Alumni in the Classroom to St. Louis

At the World Affairs Council of St. Louis, we are dedicated to fostering a global perspective within our community. Our mission is clear: connect St. Louis to the world and the world to St. Louis. To further our mission, we are excited to introduce this initiative to St. Louis.

Join us in building a more interconnected and informed St. Louis. The IVLP Alumni Initiative bridges and connects our city to the global stage. Together, we can empower the next generation to be active, globally-minded citizens. Explore the world with us, one classroom at a time. If you are an educator or school interested in participating, please contact our IVLP Director, Susan Lore at [email protected].

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Why IVLP Alumni in the Classroom?

This initiative is more than just a program; it’s an opportunity to learn from those who have witnessed the world’s intricacies firsthand. Our International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) Alumni, have interacted with local, national, and global leaders through their professional exchange. They have experienced diverse cultures, enriching meeting discussions with real-world perspectives and stories.

What to Expect

The Department of State invites these distinguished alumni to share their knowledge and insights in engaging sessions with St. Louis students. By delving into foreign policy matters, international relations, and global challenges, students gain a deeper appreciation for the world’s complexities. Meetings will occur virtually and will take place during a class period. The Department of State will determine an alumni based on the educator’s interest.

    What Topics Can Be Discussed?

    Classroom discussions focus on U.S. foreign policy priorities such as:


    • The Climate Crisis and Environmental Issues
    • Democracy, Human Rights, and Civic Engagement
    • Peace and Security
    • Advancing Entrepreneurship and Economic Opportunities
    • STEAM Education and Professional Development
    • Promoting Foreign Language
      • Learning and Cultural Exchange
    How Can You Get Involved?

    Educators and Schools in the St. Louis region can participate in this transformative program. If you are interested in bringing global experiences into your classroom, broaden your student’s horizons, please reach out to our Strategic Administrator, Seth George, at [email protected] or IVLP Program Manager Berenice Morlet at [email protected]. 

    Connecting with St. Louis High Schools

    Meet Evelyn Berg, Our First High School Intern

    Ms. Evelyn Berg served as an intern for the World Affairs Council of St. Louis as a high school student from Eureka High School in the Summer of 2023. During her internship, she was able to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program. Evelyn attended a meeting hosted by Maryville University, with a delegation from Italy on the topic of “Countering Disinformation and Advancing Democratic”. 

    I had a very positive experience at the IVLP meeting that I attended. The discussion was fascinating, and I learned a lot about the European Union’s regulation of the internet. I also felt inspired to expand my media literacy in order to be less susceptible to misinformation. I encourage other high schoolers to participate in at least one IVLP meeting because hearing these new perspectives can be very enlightening. A highlight of the meeting I attended was guessing whether strange news headlines were real or fake.
    Evelyn Berg

    High School Student, Eureka High School

    Pictured: Ms. Berg (left) and Dr. Leilani Carver (middle) with an Italian delegation at Maryville University