Internship Opportunities

The World Affairs Council of St. Louis is always seeking interns to assist with the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) & other Council programs. Internships may begin anytime during the year, on a rolling basis. Undergraduate or graduate students may earn academic credit relevant to their field of study. Internships are unpaid.

Meet our Interns

Lila Singley

Lila Singley

Spring 2024 Intern

Hello! My name is Lila Singley and I am from Costa Mesa, California. I currently study at Saint Louis University and am double majoring in Political Science and International Studies with a minor in Spanish. Some of my hobbies include writing for my campus’ chapter of HerCampus online magazine, reading, listening to music, and working out. I am looking forward to learning about the ins and outs of a nonprofit organization and all of the work World Affairs STL does in the community!

Dwight Jackson

Dwight Jackson

Spring 2024 Intern

Hello, my name is Dwight Jackson and I am currently a senior at Lindenwood University. I am majoring in International Relations and minoring in Asian studies with a concentration in Global Fluency. I am a competitive collegiate cheerleader for a 13-time national champion program. I am most excited to be able to network with different communities and global leaders both locally and internationally.

What We Do

International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)

Work with the U.S. State Department to deliver socially impactful, custom programs through the IVLP initiative. IVLP brings professional visitors from other countries to the United States, including visits to St. Louis, for cultural and professional exchanges.

Academic WorldQuest

Partner with Saint Louis University to present Academic World Quest, a competition for high-school-age students to demonstrate knowledge of current world.


Great Decisions

Educate the community through Great Decisions, which is a speaker-series program of the Foreign Policy Association. The format is delivered through a free series of presentations, videos, and discussions.


Annual Awards Event

Honor St. Louis regional leaders through Gateway Globes and the International Humanitarian of the Year awards.


Other Initiatives

Connect St. Louis to the world via guest speakers, corporate tours, and other special events.


About the Internship Program

General Requirements
    • Internships are unpaid. Undergraduate or graduate students may be eligible to receive academic credit from their university.
    • Interns are expected to work on average 15 hours a week during the school year, and more hours depending on academic credit requirements. During the summer semester we expect all interns to work a minimum of 20 hours per week.
    • Interns must have effective communication skills (written and oral) in English as well as excellent interpersonal skills, time management abilities, and cross-cultural competence.
    • Interns must be self-directed, with the ability to work independently and as part of a team.
    • Ability to handle multiple tasks, meet deadlines, be detail oriented, and maintain accurate records is required.
    • Interns must be willing & able to learn new skills.
    • Computer experience in Microsoft Office software and/or Google Documents, specifically word processing and database software is highly preferred.
    • Interns will use their personal devices and internet service to perform their duties.
    • Interns will assist with the planning and execution of all programs offered by the Council as well as Council administrative needs.
What Interns Do

• Research, update, input & organize data for the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) and other Council programs. Data may include cultural events in St. Louis, professional resources, and dinner diplomats for IVLP, mailing lists, and more.

• Brainstorm & execute ideas for virtual engagement of international visitors. Video filming/editing skills a plus!

• Create promotional materials for events & meetings.

• Social media posting of pre-prepared posts.

• Help identify & draft proposals for IVLP programs suitable for St. Louis.

• Assist in setting up & conducting virtual and in-person professional meetings & cultural events for IVLP visitors. Such as: acting as a backup for Zoom/in-person meetings; general tech assistance; moderating questions; scheduling meetings; observe professional meetings.

• Event planning & event execution assistance. For example, attend & help tally WorldQuest competition answers & results.

How Interns Benefit

• Improved office skills such as word processing & database software skills

• Sharpened interpersonal skills — how to communicate more effectively on a professional level

• Social media skills

• Exposure to international visitors & professional resources

• Access to U.S. State Department communications on events, internships & jobs

• Greater knowledge of international diplomatic endeavors by the Department of State

• Event planning skills

• Understanding of the workings of a non- profit organization

Internship Program Impact

The World Affairs Council of St. Louis has been able to successfully find jobs for two interns and have been able to send past interns to Washington D.C. for National Conferences as a Global Ties U.S. Emerging Leader or a Student Scholar for the World Affairs Councils of America.

Past Interns
2023 Fall Interns

Alexia Prudencio, Lindenwood University

Leo Klayman, Washington University

2023 Summer Interns

Ally Denton, University of Kansas

Cate VanSchaik, Kalamazoo College

Evelyn Berg, Eureka High School

Patrick Lee, Indiana University

Sofia Gonzalez, Southern Illinois University-Ewardsville

Thrisha Kosaraju, Washington University

2023 Spring Interns

Noah Cella, University of Missouri St. Louis

Ziwang (Michael) Suo, Lindenwood Univesity

2022 Fall Intern

Valerie Holt, Saint Louis University

2022 Summer Interns

Alex Bowles, University of Missouri

Ella Zimmerman, Gettysburg College

Eva Oelsner, University of Missouri

Caroline Kopsky, Washington University

Matthew Matava, American University

2022 Spring Intern

Ashley Brown, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

2021 Fall Interns

Ashley Brown, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

Blerta Beluli, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

Brooklyn Hollander, Washington University

Elana Tognola, Washington University

Jonathan Gutierrez, University of Missouri-St. Louis

2021 Summer Interns

Brylie Noe, Washington University

Estavan Hutchinson, St. Charles Community College

Jensen Bee, Syracuse University

Leila Payer, Grinnell College

MacKenzie Fraser, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2021 Spring Interns

Anna Pruitt

Estavan Hutchinson, St. Charles Community College

Michael Kruse, University of Missouri-St. Louis

2019 Interns

Grace Marker

Lily Wurm